Expect the Unexpected

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been so MIA. I’ve been feeling ill for the past few weeks but luckily managed to make it out to the Rittenhouse Fine Art Show last weekend.

If you ‘like’ my Facebook page, then you’re probably reading this to find out more details about this lovely photo:

Rittenhouse Fine Art ShowSo here’s the story!

It took A LOT of strength to go to Rittenhouse, but I knew I had to do whatever I could to feel better. The show felt like a homecoming sort of event for me. I’ve been on the road for so long that it was nice to be back home. Even with being sick, it was so comforting to be in Philly. The people are lovely out west and down south, but boy did I miss the city life and sarcasm of the east coast!

As people wandered the show, I could hear them talk about how hot it was that weekend. I guess being away, I’ve developed some kind of heightened warmth! (And hey, I’m not complaining.) I didn’t see one dog in a stroller or a Hawaiian-themed shirt. It’s a little weird being back home. I don’t think it really hits until I run into a familiar face. Then it just feels like I never left!

Rittenhouse Fine Art Show 2015So I’m minding my own business and I see a suspicious looking man. The security notices his behavior too and start following him when naturally, he starts running. Where else would this man run and get cornered but booth 25, the tent of yours truly! It took about half an hour for security to hold him down! I ran out of there immediately of course and watched carefully after my art work. Thank goodness I have a sturdy tent!

Rittenhouse Fine Art Show AlexandrinI learned that the man had been stealing cell phones from people walking on the street. His move was to run up to people and snatch their phones as their guards were down. You may tell others you know what you’re doing, but please take a second to actually think about your actions on these city streets people! Use your best judgement to stay safe and be alert. If something like this happens to you, the thief better not be pinned down in my booth again!

Anastasia Alexandrin Art at Rittenhouse 2015Anastasia Alexandrin Art at Rittenhouse 2015Anastasia Alexandrin Art at Rittenhouse 2015Anastasia Alexandrin Art at Rittenhouse 2015I’m glad he was caught and yes, everyone I am OK! My art is safe as well and I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback on my new work. Keep it coming and keep your eyes out for more drawings. I am currently on my way to Pittsburgh for the Three Rivers Arts Festival this weekend. Hope to see you there!

What Inspires You?

As an artist, the question of what inspires us is asked often. What inspires us to create? What is the reason behind drawing this over that? What motivates us to continue being an artist?

Looking out into the wondrous mountains, Arizona shares a lot of what I’m looking for as inspiration. It’s hard to find the words to describe just how beautiful the nature is out here. Sometimes the thing you’re searching for will appear when you least expect it to. I’m a black and white artist. I use color minimally and never intended to do so otherwise. I was never in search for colors that would leave me in awe like the ones here did. I didn’t even know the feeling existed, but these colors in the mountains became engrained in me. I felt like the world stopped and the colors were soaring around me endlessly. Blues that were so blue and pinks that were so pink… it made me want to paint again.

Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ

Nature is often inspiration for artists as it is for me. People are another source of inspiration for my artwork. Everyone I’ve met so far in Arizona is so nice and courteous. A simple smile as you walk by a stranger will turn into a full conversation and next thing you know, you’ve made a friend. They tell stories that show how much history the state is built on. I’m not sure if being called a Sun Child is a compliment, but I’ve been getting it a lot here. I’m sure it is and it’s amazing that everyone keeps the Native American traditions so closely to their hearts.

NEW! "Niyaha" by Anastasia Alexandrin

NEW! “Niyaha” by Anastasia Alexandrin

The people of Arizona are free spirits. They’re relaxed and they go with the flow of things to land wherever it is they may land. I like to pretend I fit in as my art does the same. It takes me to new lands and introduces me to new faces. Whatever the world has in store for me, I follow my art wherever it goes.

It’s a different environment, but it’s been helpful for me to relax and draw. I’ve created new drawings of “Owls” and finished them more quickly than I thought I would. Can you help me think of individual names? Make sure to comment below with your ideas!

Owl1 by Anastasia Alexandrin

Owl2 by Anastasia Alexandrin

Owl3 by Anastasia Alexandrin

Maybe Arizona is onto something with its way of living.


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June Bug

Mother Nature can be fickle. While the final weekend of the Three Rivers Arts Festival endured hours of wind and rain, Sunday was thankfully gorgeous. The sun allowed the festival to recover from the previous storms, welcoming plenty of guests.

Three Rivers Rain

Woodpecker, Chipping Away and Fast Train were all sold. It’s always a rather bittersweet moment. As you delve into your work, like any other bond, it becomes a part of you. Yet knowing that you’ve created something that speaks to another person—to have the chance to connect with someone on such a level, is thrilling.

Three Rivers - Chipping Away

This past weekend was the 25th annual Manayunk Arts Festival. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to put on display since I’ve been selling so many originals lately, but I managed to figure it out. At the event, Ohitika was recognized and received an honorable mention. My booth also managed to gain attention from The Philadelphia Inquirer. Check out the article with a photo of my booth here!

Manayunk - Ohitika

Photo Credit: Philly Inquirer

Photo Credit: Philly Inquirer

At this point, I’ll be taking a break from the festival circuit for a while. I’m hoping inspiration will strike so I can fully dedicate myself to creating some new pieces to share with all of you. I’ve been getting a lot more time to organize everything and, to more importantly, draw!


Summer continues to beckon, her warm arms embracing us after a harsh winter.  Not unlike this past weekend at Rittenhouse. The 83rd Annual Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show called many—upper-class Philadelphians, tourists and art lovers alike. From June 6-8, more than 140 artists gathered to celebrate their work once again, earning the show recognition on uwishunu.
83rd Annual Rittenhouse Show
The weather was beautiful and the crowd large and lively.  My tent was in a great location, the perfect chance to people watch.  The artists ranged from painters to sculptors and even organic food farmers.  I was excited to be visited by my friend and photographer Howard, whom I met at the 2013 RAWards.


I love hearing feedback from strangers about my work. Something that came up again at Rittenhouse was the tattoo industry. Many of my supporters suggest taking up the art form. Personally I would never choose to pursue it, although the work is definitely unconventional. It’s important for me to preserve that unconventionality and individualism in my own work. Through color, technique and themes of women empowerment I hope to stand out in the art world. I’m not afraid to do something “pretty.”
"Marie Antoinette" - Anastasia Alexandrin

“Marie Antoinette”

By the end of the show, I sold Bird of Enlightenment. Black Bird, Summer 2, Conflict of Flight and a piece in progress were also sold before the show. I’m thrilled that they all have owners and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Rittenhouse. It was a pleasure being there.
"Bird of Enlightenment"

“Bird of Enlightenment”

"Black Bird"

“Black Bird”

I have been spending the past few weeks working on a new piece called Amaryllis.  Inspiration grew from the Greek myth of Amaryllis and Alteo.
When Amaryllis first saw the handsome shepherd, she knew she was in love. But the only way to gain Alteo’s affection was to bring him a flower he had never seen. Amaryllis consulted the Oracle at Delphi who instructed her to pierce her heart with a golden arrow for 30 nights. Each night, she would follow the same path to Alteo’s cottage, but to no avail. Until Amaryllis noticed strange petals beneath her feet, the flowers as red as the blood she had split. She offered the flowers to Alteo. Accepting her gift and her heart, Alteo named the flower “Amaryllis.” 
I initially intended for Amaryllis to be a triptych, a piece consisting of three panels (like Monkey). I began posting about the piece on my Twitter (@aalexandrin) and Facebook and promoting its appearance at Rittenhouse. Once I mentioned the completion of the first drawing to some of my past collectors it gained immediate interest, selling before I had the opportunity to finish the full set and why I was unable to showcase it this past weekend.

"Monkey" (1)

“Monkey” (1)

As an artist, setting time aside to draw is the most crucial part of the practice. With every stroke I’m able to explore another facet of the piece, the story I’m trying to tell. That time allows me to explore untapped aspects of the self as well.
I’d like to unveil Amaryllis here, so my faithful followers and fellow bloggers will be one of the firsts to see it. (Sorry for the blurry picture, but look! Color!)



Comment and share your thoughts. How would you interpret the drawing?
I’ll be in Pittsburgh this weekend (June 13-15) for the Three Rivers Arts Festival. Until then, if you’ve received a business card within the past 6 months (it has Fly Indiscriminately on the back) it has the wrong email address. Please send all requests to aalexandrin@me.com.

I’m so thankful to be doing what I love, though it isn’t always easy.  Like the story of Amaryllis teaches us, dedication can lead us toward the most unlikely of goals.