Imagine All the People

This past weekend I got to participate in the Woodbury Fall Arts Fest and let me tell you, it was a blast! I met so many interesting people and got to share my work with lots of new fans.


One of the best things about being an artist is seeing how others react to your work. Whether it’s a bad or good response, the feedback is always rewarding. I love telling stories through my art and when someone really gets it… really understands the messages I try to get across, it’s an amazing feeling. And also, hearing people’s own stories that relate to my work is a great feeling too! It’s inspiring to hear about how all of our unique stories have common experiences and shared feelings.


Next in store is the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (POST)! I hope I get to meet as many interesting people as I did this past weekend in New Jersey. Click here for more info:


It kind of takes me back to when I did the show at for Philly RAW Artists. That was my first art show outside of a formal studio and since then, I’ve done so many things outside of my comfort zone. A few weeks after the show, here I am being nominated for National RAW Artist! Voting for the 2013 RAWards is from Oct 1 – Oct 8, so stay tuned for a link that will let you vote!


For now, here is a video explaining how the voting works:

So many interesting people to meet still and I’m looking forward to every single face! Who knows, maybe yours is next!

Imagine all of the people out there you have yet to meet. Imagine all the people… living for today.

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