Where Will My Art Take Me?


Hello Followers!
I am Anastasia Alexandrin, a professional fine artist based in Philadelphia, PA.
In my blog, I want to show you how I work, what inspires me, the things I see and of course my finished pieces.


Monarch (2013) – Charcoal

My art has taken me so many places. I have traveled the world and seen so many things, and I am working to have my art be showcased as many places as I can.

Recently, I have been chosen to display artwork in a Philadelphia bus shelter in a Made in Philly campaign. Special thanks to CFEVA for helping me with the project! The shelter is on 7th and Market.

CFEVA Bus Shelter 2013

I am constantly asking myself, “Where will my art take me?”

We can only stay tuned to find out!
My next event is an open studio thanks to Philadelphia Open Studio Tours.
It is taking place October 5-6, 2013 on the east side!
1156 N 3rd Street, Suite L
Philadelphia, PA 19123

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